Client List



1 Hotel Central Park Peloton Interactive LLC
Giuseppe Zanotti Madison Avenue
Robert Clergerie Shoes
Park Avenue Antiques
Babaloon Party Store
Canal Jean Company
Papyrus Card Shops

Energy Benchmarking

523 Fulton Street, Brooklyn
30 Cooper Square
Excelsior Hotel
Skyline Hotel
College Residence Club
216 West 89th Street

Gallery and Artists Spaces

House of Heydenryk
Hubert Gallery
Meat Market Galleries
Simon Parkes Art Conservation


Bachue Resaurant
Dufour Pastry Kitchens
Great Performances Catering
Ipanema Bar
Crepe Creations
Pacific Echo

Certificate of Occupancy

Claret Condominium, 140 West 23rd Street
96-100 Prince Street
1225 Park Avenue
123 West 93rd Street


111 Murray St. Condominium 215 West 91st Street Apartment
375 Riverside Dr. 396 Bleecker St. West End Avenue Apartment
East 89th Apartment
Piampiano Apartment
Conde-Berko Apartment
Cole Residence
Fernbach Residence
McLaughlin Residence
Morellet Residence
Parkes Residences
Taylor House
Valeriano Residence
Von Bergen Residence
Weissman Residences

Institutional / Multiuse Properties

Rutgers Presbyterian Church
Bayside Senior Center
Bedford Avenue Day Care Center
Bedford Avenue Social Services
DeKalb Avenue Social Services
Little People Sun Too Day Care

Correcting DOB Violations

3052 Fulton Street
West End Avenue PH
Fashion Bookstore (FIT Campus)


35 Orange Street, Brooklyn 47 Fort Washington Ave. HDFC 140 West 23rd Street
216 West 89th Street
88 East 83rd Street
Sharon Street, Brooklyn


40 Exchange Place
Canal Jean Company
Great Performances Caterers

Managing Agents/Coops and Condo Boards

Andrews Building Corp. CBRE
Chelsea Realty Corp. Citrin Cooperman
Claret Commons Condominum
Douglas Elliman Property Management
Justis Properties Management Corp.
Mack Edge Management
ME&A Realty Co. LLC Rose Associates
Siren Management Corp.
Tristar Equities
Tudor Realty Services
TUC Management Co. Inc.
42-50 Wooster Street
135 Wooster Street
96-100 Prince Street
204-206 East 7th Street
241 East 7th Street
249 East 7th Street
416 West 13th Street
114-120 West 29th Street
138 East 36th Street
227 East 57th Street
233 West 83rd Street
216 West 89th Street
529 West End Avenue
319-21 West 144th Street