Energy Benchmarking and Building Upgrades

Photo by Lynne Funk, AIA

Photo by Lynne Funk, AIA


As part of careful stewardship of your NYC building, LFA Architects provides energy benchmarking services. This enables owners and property managers to track energy use and to achieve compliance with NYC Local Law 84 (LL84).   The longer term goal is to identify and implement cost-effective energy saving measures.

Most buildings with a gross area of over 25,000 sq. ft. will be required to report energy usage in 2018.  The previous threshold was 50,000 square feet; the deadline for data submission is still May 1.  An official list of “covered buildings” will be issued early next year (which we can check for you at no charge). 

Collecting and submitting energy data to the NYC database each year on behalf of the building is a process that that involves setting up an account in Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager, creating your property profile and gathering energy data from service providers such as Con Edison, National Grid and Department of Environmental Protection (water).  

LFA performs benchmarking services for any occupancy type: mixed use buildings, hotels, malls, institutions and office buildings. For more information on New York City’s Local Law 84 (LL84):