Broadway Mixed Use Building

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On Broadway in the West 70s a solid 3-story structure is bookended between a 19-story Condominium and a 1920s multi-use building.

This trio share materials of steel, brick, stone and metal. However, the middle one has a colorful history as a Tammany Hall Demographic club, and a real estate office whose name is still seen at the cornice level. Learn more here.

The 3-story 1922 building has a configuration that doesn’t satisfy newer code requirements. The puzzle LFA solved had to do with previous DOB filings, unneeded for the Code that applies. Resolving work performed without a permit was our goal. Several studies later, after soliciting opinions from engineers and our expediter, LFA was able to close out applications and obtain an amended Certificate of Occupancy in 2018. This legalized the current retail use on the first floor.

Facade work planned for 2019 is to repair and paint or restore the metal window spandrels, repoint stone joints and caulk skyward-facing joints at the stone cornice. The specific types of stone and metal will be investigated to make a cost-effective repair recommendation. Paint and other materials will be tested for lead and asbestos. Although this small gem is not located in a Landmarks district, LFA recommends Landmarks-quality work practices for this special building.