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Other Services

As our Clients’ needs grow and change, so does LFA’s expertise. We embrace the new challenges that our Clients face and are available to address issues as needs evolve.

Pre-Purchase Walk-Thru

If you are considering investing in a property and need an expert opinion, do not hesitate to call LFA. We are available to review existing conditions, floor plans and DOB violations. We will inform you of issues that may affect the space. Know what you are getting into before you put money down!

Apartment Combos

LFA has worked with numerous clients in Manhattan who have acquired a neighboring apartment, and wish to add to their original layout. Each space offers unique challenges. LFA is here to help you get the most out of your space.

Code Review

The City of New York has a very progressive approach to the built environment, and continues to modify and improve Rules and Codes. If you are a building Owner and are considering a major overhaul within your building, such as moving a stairway, or changing the use, it is helpful to have a feasibility report outlining the issues and filing process.

Plan Reviews / Co-Op Board

Co-op and Condo Buildings frequently require residents to submit architectural plans for Board Review prior to filing with the DOB and must also comply with a set of Building Rules. LFA is available to review plans on behalf of the Board or to help residents address and adhere to specific issues.

Energy Benchmarking (LL 84)

LFA has performed energy benchmarking services for several Manhattan hotels, a mall in Queens and a Mixed Use building on the Upper West Side in order to comply with New York City’s Local Law 84 (LL84). Owners of eligible buildings will be sent a notice or violation by NYC Department of Buildings. Let LFA Architects take the legwork out of complying with this new law. For more information: http://www.nyc.gov/html/gbee/html/plan/plan.shtml